The XCVI Joint Session 2022 will be held in person at the University of St Andrews on July 8-10. The first talk on the 8th will start at 4:30pm and the last talk on the 10th will finish at 7:20pm.  Also, there will be society meetings through the afternoon of the 8th.

About the Joint Session

The Joint Session is the premier UK general philosophy conference, held annually during the summer by the Aristotelian Society and the Mind Association. It has taken place at nearly every major university across the United Kingdom and in Ireland.

Since 1910, the Joint Session has grown to become the largest gathering of philosophers in the country, attracting prestigious UK and international speakers working in a broad range of philosophical areas. Inaugurated by the incoming President of the Mind Association, the Joint Session includes symposia, open and postgraduate sessions, and a range of satellite conferences. Find out more about the conference’s history here.

The local organiser is Ben Sachs.